Having The Right Data Is One Thing,
Creating Actionable Insight Is Another!

From Gut-Based to Data-Driven

Marketers are feeling the pressure to shift from gut-based to data-driven decision making as the linkage of analytics to performance can no longer be ignored. The best marketing professionals are those that understand the power of data and have enough analytical capabilities to truly grasp what they can accomplish with it. Luckily, marketers don’t have to be statisticians or data scientists to create actionable insight. Analytics is becoming more and more approachable and no longer needs to be a bottleneck for your marketing organisation.

Which customer segments are the most profitable?

Which customers are most likely to leave?

Who are the most valuable customers?

Where lie our biggest opportunities?

How do customers search and choose their products?

How can we improve the response of our marketing campaigns?

Analytics Shouldn’t Be A Game-Stopper


Whether you are looking for advice or assistance in performing your analysis, Interface Marketing can help you for all your needs. Our experience with the most current techniques and analysis tools including languages such as Python and R, and big data platforms such as Hadoop and Spark, will ensure that we are able to offer you solutions for your most diverse questions. Here’s a selection of the many analytics solutions we provide to our customers:

  • Customer lifetime value modelling
  • Customer segmentation
  • Customer churn prediction
  • Next product recommendation
  • Basket analysis
  • Customer behaviour profiling
  • Potential prospect and customer value modelling

These and more of our analytics solutions allow for a complete customer lifecycle analysis of your marketing, CRM and customer intelligence.

Enhance Your Actionable Insight Now!

Unsure about how to implement analytics in your organisation? Or do you have a question about how to turn your data into actionable insight? We’ll be glad to explain how to do this. No strings attached!

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