Customer Value Management

Finding the optimal balance between customer lifetime value and customer experience

For most organisations, customer value is by far their most important performance indicator.

The Different Meanings Of Customer Value

Metrics like market share and even gross revenue are no longer sufficient to evaluate a business’ results. More and more, customer value is now seen as the most important performance indicator.
But the meaning of value varies. For most companies, revenue is the most critical factor, and customer value is first and foremost interpreted as financial value. For a non-profit organisation, however, value is measured by looking at different goals.
From the perspective of customers, value is something entirely different. Customer experience is how the customer values not only your products and services, but also his emotional bond and the relationship with the brand.

Maximise The Value Of Your Customers

The goal of customer value management is to increase customer value. This is done by striving for a perfect balance between customer value and customer experience. Simply put, customers who value your products and services are more likely to offer great value in return.

At Interface Marketing we are specialised in calculating customer value – for every kind of business – and we refined the techniques of predicting customer value (the value potential) and profiling the customer experience. This places us in pole position to not only help you design the perfect customer value strategy, but also to measure its performance and to predict its future outcome.

A Proven Methodology

During our years of experience with our customers, we have developed a methodology that allows us to immediately get to the heart of the matter: a structured approach with the associated optimal techniques and best practices that lead to optimal efficiency.

This methodology was described in Ken uw Klant: klantwaardemanagement als motor van uw marketing (Know Your Customer), co-authored by our managing partner, Marc Van de perre.
Don’t have the time to read the whole book, or don’t like the Dutch language? No problem, get up to speed in no time with our white paper, Dutch or English.

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